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10th International Conference on Daoist Studies

Daoism: Self, Science, and Society. 10th International Conference on Daoist Studies

Sanyi Tian-An-Tai-Ho Retreat Center, Miaoli, Taiwan, 26-29 May 2016

For the last twelve years, the series of international conferences on Daoist Studies has been instrumental in enhancing the study, application, and awareness of Daoism through­out the world. The only major Daoist conference series, it follows a tradition that began in Boston (2003) and continued through Mt. Qingcheng (2004), Fraueninsel in Bavaria (2006), Hong Kong (2007), Mt. Wudang (2009), Los Angeles (2010), Mt. Nanyue (2011), Ammersee Lake near Munich (2012), and Boston University (2014). Thanks to the generous hosting of the Tiandi jiao community, the 10th International Conference on Daoist Studies will take place in scenic Sanyi / Tian-An-Tai-Ho Retreat Center in central Taiwan.

This year’s conference theme is “Daoism: Self, Science, and Society”. The focus is on issues of Daoist worldview and practice, both in history and today. Panels will discuss Daoist cosmology, philosophy, arts, and practices, with particular concentration on its understanding of body and self, its relationship to science both ancient and modern, as well as its social relevance in ritual and community.

Honorary Chairs:

Li Zi-Yi Honorary President, The Society for the Study of Religious Philosophy (Taiwan)
Tong Guang-Zhao Master Emissary, The T’ienti Teachings (Taiwan)
Lin Qi-Min President, E-Life Mall Corporation (Taiwan)


Liou Tong-Miin, Tsing Hua University (Taiwan)
Livia Kohn, Boston University (USA)

Steering Committee (alphabetical) (temporarily):

Adeline Herrou, An Lun, Chang Lillian, Chao Shin-yi, Chen Xia, Elisabeth Friedrichs, Eric Nelson, Galia Dor, Georges Favraud, Guo Wu, Hsieh Shu-wei, Hsieh Tsung-hui, Ikeda Tomohisa, James Miller, Jia Jinhua, Jiang Sheng, Lai Chitim, Li Gang, Liou Chien-Hui, Liu Chien-Cheng, Lv Xichen, Michael Winn, Patricia Karetzky, Robin R. Wang, Shiga Ichiko, Steve Jackowicz, Susan Huang, Zhang Guangbao, Zhang Jia-Lin.

Keynote Speakers:

Li Feng-mao (National Chengchi University)

Paul Katz (Academia Sinica)
TOPIC: Daoism and the Revival of Temple Cults in China: Preliminary Observations from Wenzhou

Li Xian-guang (The Society for the Study of Religious Philosophy, Taiwan)
TOPIC: Purposiveness and Non-Purposiveness in Sitting Meditation Practice


The conference begins at 10 am on Thursday, May 26 with an opening plenary session, followed by the three keynote speeches. It ends at noon on Sunday, May 29 after a closing plenary session. There are twelve sessions total (3 on Thursday, 4 on Friday, 4 on Saturday, and 1 on Sunday), each consisting of three break-out panels, including forums and workshops.

There will be an optional excursion to local scenic spots on Sunday afternoon and various activities each night after dinner. Foreign participants should plan to arrive on Wednesday, May 25, and depart on Monday, May 30.

Break-out Panels:

Three 20-minute or four 16-minute individual paper presentations on the panel theme, followed by the discussant’s 10-minute comments, presenters’ respon-ses, and open discussion (1¾ hours).


Emphasis on practice and experience (1¾ hours).


An opportunity to read a particular text with a group of learned scholars. Pre­senters post their text on the web a month ahead of time for participants to prepare.


Conference sessions will be in Chinese and/or English, as specified in the program. All panels will be videotaped and uploaded to the conference website. Presentation abstracts should be submitted in the language of presentation.


If you want to exhibit or sell books, CDs, or other materials at the conference, there is no extra charge, but you have to formally register and pay the conference fee in advance. Space is limited. Register early!


15 March 2016: registration closes, abstracts for papers due
1 May 2016: conference program e-mailed and posted on the website


Some scholarships will be provided, covering the conference fee plus room and board, as well as a share of travel expenses. Applicants should be within three years of completing the Ph.D. (before or after). To apply, please send registration information, plus status of Ph.D. and name of advisor, as well as draft abstract of paper to daoconf@gmail.com. Deadline: 1 January 2016.

Click here to register.


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