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Introduction to Thematic Issue on Music in Asia, by Joshua Paul Dale (Guest Editor)

Vol. 9, No. 1 (2013): 1–3.


This issue brings together articles from diverse disciplines to examine music in Asia. Drawing upon theories and approaches in media studies, gender and fan studies, as well as anthropology, history, political science, and ethnomusicology, these articles engage in a timely dialogue on how music impacts discourses of the nation state, identity formation and transnational flows of cultural production. The five articles in this volume also share surprising connections: they examine the power of music to cast an ecstatic, communal spell among youth in South Korea, as well as rural villagers in India. They trace the connections between music and politics, in Bali and the Philippines. And, they examine how music shapes identity in both diasporic communities and at home.

Author’s bio

Joshua Paul Dale has been a full-time faculty member (gaikokujinkyoshi) of the Department of English at Tokyo Gakugei University since 1995. He received his PhD from the English Department at the University of Buffalo, where he was a Presidential Fellow. Dale’s book project, Sex Acts Across Culture, proposes a theory of “sex acts”—performative acts grounded in the corporeal—to articulate a new relationality in gendered cross-cultural encounters. Dale is also a performance artist with over fifteen years of stage experience.


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