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Preventive Medicine and “Mission Civilisatrice,” by Laurence Monnais.

Vol. 2, No. 1 (2006): 40–66.


This paper is part of a broader analysis of French health policy in colonial Vietnam (1860–1945), and in particular of the campaigns organized in the region by the French administration against the most important epidemic and endemic diseases, during a key period in the history not only of the emergence of biomedicine and its principal preventive strategies, but also of state intervention into public health issues in Europe and in the West in general.

Author’s bio

Laurence Monnais is assistant professor at Université de Montréal (Department of History – Center for East Asian Studies, CETASE). She is a specialist in the history of medicine, health and health practices in French Indochina and 19th–20th century Vietnam. She is the author of Médecine et colonisation. L’Aventure indochinoise, 1860–1939 (Paris, 1999) and several articles and book chapters published in French and English. She is currently working on two collective essays. One deals with the social life of medicines and the other is a general history of medicine in Southeast Asia


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