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2012 (Vol. 8, No. 1 and 2)

Volume 8, No. 1:

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  1. Governing and Representing HIV/AIDS in China: A Review and an Introduction, by Haiqing Yu (Guest Editor).
  2. Settling for Discrimination: HIV/AIDS Carriers and the Resolution of Legal Claims, by Scott Wilson.
  3. HIV Governance through Law: Achievements and Challenges of China’s Legal Environment, by Jinmei Meng.
  4. HIV/AIDS in Xinjiang: A Serious “Ill” in an “Autonomous” Region, by Anna Hayes.
  5. Sexualised Illness and Gendered Narratives: The Problematic of Social Science and Humanities in China’s HIV and AIDS Governance, by Evelyne Micollier.
  6. HIV/AIDS and Shifting Urban China’s Socio-Moral Landscape: Engendering Bio-Activism and Resistance through Stories of Suffering, by Johanna Hood.
  7. Book Review – Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Political Theory, by Norraihan Zakaria.

Volume 8, No. 2:

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  1. Introduction – Never Just Food: Themed Issue on Food and Asia, by Nicole Tarulevicz (Guest Editor).
  2. Shifting Perceptions of Instant Ramen in Japan During the High-growth Era, 1958–1973, by George Solt.
  3. Faking It: Food Quality in China, by Kaz Ross.
  4. “Let Lifeguard Milk Raise Your Child”: Gender, Food and Nation in Singapore’s Past, by Nicole Tarulevicz.
  5. Contagious Consumption: Commodity Debates over the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century China Trade, by Kristin Bayer.
  6. Food and Pollution in Two Films from Contemporary Japan, by Barbara Hartley.
  7. Young Taiwanese Immigration to Argentina: The Challenges of Adaptation, Self Identity and Returning, by Bernado Trejos and Lan-Hung Nora Chiang.
  8. Jim Crace’s Arcadia: A New Variation on an Old Topic, by Sabbar S. Sultan and Ibrahim Abu Shihab.
  9. Book Review – Ibn Taymiyyah on Jihád and Baghy, by Timothy P. Daniels.
  10. Scholarly Viewpoints – Nicholas Tarling.

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