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2011 (Vol. 7, No. 1, 2 and Supp. 1)

Volume 7, No. 1:

  1. Introduction to Themed Issue (in PDF), by David Blundell (Guest Editor).
  2. Community Engagement, Heritage, and Rediscovering a Sense of Place in Northbridge, Perth, Australia, by Felicity Morel-EdnieBrown.
  3. Endangered Languages and the Use of Sound Archives and Fieldwork Data for Their Documentation and Revitalisation: Voices from Tundra and Taiga, by Tjeerd de Graaf.
  4. Common Symbols in Eurasia-Pacific Unconscious Cultural Heritage: A Case Study of the Taiwanese 18 Deities’ Cult, by Igor Sitnikov.
  5. Taiwan Austronesian Language Heritage Connecting Pacific Island Peoples: Diplomacy and Values, by David Blundell.
  6. Do Canadian Power-Sharing Agreements with First Nations Peoples Hold Lessons for Taiwan? by Dean Karalekas.
  7. Laipunuk (Nei Ben Lu) – the Last Frontier of the Taiwan Aborigines during the Japanese Occupation on Taiwan: Ethnographic Narratives of a Bunun Elder, by Steven Andrew Martin.
  8. Book Review – Promoting Economic Cooperation in South Asia: Beyond Safta, by Saidatulakmal Mohd.

Volume 7, No. 2:

  1. Chinese Nationalism and Cross-Strait Relations in the Post-War Era, by Timothy S. Rich.
  2. Distant Drums and Thunderous Cannon: Sounding Authority in Traditional Malay Society, by Barbara Watson Andaya.
  3. Technology and Deterioration of Right to Privacy, by Murni Wan Mohd Nor and Ratnawati Mohd Asraf.
  4. Book Review – Studies on Islam and Society in Southeast Asia, by Peter Riddell.

Volume 7, Supp. 1 (Special Issue on Popular Culture in Asia):

  1. Introduction to Special Issue: Popular Culture in Asia (in PDF), by John Bratzel.
  2. Kawaii in Taiwan Politics, by Yin C. Chuang.
  3. Learning Bushido from Abroad: Japanese Reactions to The Last Samurai, by Jayson Chun.
  4. Embracing the Victimhood: A History of A-Bomb Manga in Japan, by Masashi Ichiki.
  5. Ethnic Identity and Consumption of Popular Culture among Young Naga People, India, by Satoshi Ota.

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