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Ploysri Porananond

Ploysri Porananond is Adjunct Associate Professor of Tourism Studies at Chiang Mai University, Thailand. She was recently Head of the Centre for Tourism Studies and Academic Services (CTSAS), Chiang Mai University. Her interest focuses on cultural tourism studies, as well as tourism and development in Thailand and ASEAN countries. Her publications include “Modernity and Evolution of a Festive Tourism Tradition: The Songkran Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand” (2008), “Tourism and the Transformation of Ritual Practice with Sand Pagoda in Chiang Mai, Thailand” (2015), Rethinking Asian Tourism: Culture, Encounters and Local Response (with Victor T. King) (2014), and “Tourism and Political Agendas in the Dum Hua Procession in the Songkran Festival” (2014).



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