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Sang-Yeon Loise Sung

Dr. Sang-Yeon Loise Sung is a researcher and lecturer at the department of East Asian Studies at the University of Vienna. She received her PhD in ethnomusicology at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana with her dissertation titled “Globalization and the Regional Flow of Popular Music: The Role of the Korean Wave (Hanliu) in the Construction of Taiwanese Identities and Asian Values.” She has carried out her research into popular music and culture of Korea and Taiwan, Hallyu reception and consumption in Taiwan and Austria, and cultural policy of South Korea. Her recent research focuses on ethnographical research on K-pop reception and participatory fan culture in Europe, focusing on Austria. Her recent articles include “K-pop Reception and Participatory Fan Culture in Austria” (2014), “Digitization and Online Cultures of the Korean Wave: ‘East Asian’ Virtual Community in Europe” (2013) and “The Role of Hallyu in the Construction of East Asian Regional Identity” (2012) et al.



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