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Daniel Jong Schwekendiek, corresponding author of the article “Understanding South Korea’s Poor Nation Brand Image: A Content Analysis of Two Leading German Print News Media, 1948–2013, is an Assistant Professor of Korean Economy and Society at Sungkyunkwan University—Korea’s former royal higher-education institute and now a private university supported by the Samsung Foundation. His recent books include A Socioeconomic History of North Korea (2011), Korean Migration to the Wealthy West (2012) and The Data Atlas of South Korea: Demography, Society, Economic Activity (2014). He holds a German BA and MA in one (“Diplom”) and PhD in economics from the University of Tuebingen, where he specialised in the socio-economic and bio-demographic histories of the two Koreas. He previously held research appointments at the University of Oxford, Seoul National University and the University of California at Berkeley. Taking a particular interest in quantitative data and social science history, he specialised in survey analysis, census analysis and content analysis in Korean studies. His articles have appeared in journals such as the Korea Journal, Korea Yearbook, Economic History Review, Population and Development Review, and Social Science and Medicine, among others.



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