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Tim Yung Min Schröter

Tim Yung Min Schröter

Tim Yung Min Schröter completed his doctoral course work in East Asian Studies at Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea and holds a German BA and MA in one (“Magister”) in East Asian Studies from the University of Trier, Germany. He has a particular interest in media analysis and nation branding campaigns with a focus on East Asia and South Korea. He currently serves as a research assistant to the corresponding author of the article “Understanding South Korea’s Poor Nation Brand Image: A Content Analysis of Two Leading German Print News Media, 1948–2013” as a young researcher in the Brain Korea 21st Century Plus (“BK+”) Program of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development of the Republic of Korea. He previously published on media images and portrayals of the Korean diaspora in Germany in the Korean-German Social Sciences Journal (Handok Sahoegwahak Nonchong).



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