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David Bulbeck.

David Bulbeck is an archaeologist and human osteologist who has focused his interests on Peninsular Malaysia and Sulawesi. His MA analysed Hoabinhian burials from Gua Cha in Kelantan and late Holocene burials from the Talaud Islands in North Sulawesi. Subsequently he expanded his research to cover all of the Hoabinhian and Neolithic burials from Gua Cha, supplemented by documentation of the burials from Gua Peraling and other sites in Peninsular Malaysia, and research into the dental anthropology and mitochondrial DNA of the Peninsula’s Orang Asli. For his PhD, Bulbeck investigated the rise of Makassar (southwest Sulawesi) as a city-state through an analysis of Makassar’s genealogical records and a reconstruction of the fourteenth to seventeenth century settlement patterns in Makassar’s hinterland. His postdoctoral research project documented the prehistoric origins and pre-Islamic history of iron production in Luwuq, at the northeastern margin of southwest Sulawesi. Currently he is employed with a project, funded by the Australian Research Council to researchers in his department, on the prehistory of the lowlands near Lake Towuti in southeastern Sulawesi.



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