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Contributor’s profile: Kaori Fushiki

Kaori Fushiki

Kaori Fushiki is an ethnomusicologist, anthropologist and performer. She studied musicology at Tokyo University of the Arts (Tokyo Geidai, BA, 1995) and studied comparative cultural studies at the Graduated School of Taisho University (PhD, 2004). After graduating, she teaches ethnomusicology, sociology of music, cultural anthropology, area studies, cultural history and percussion in several universities.

She is also a research fellow at the Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies and Tokyo University of the Arts, currently. She was deeply interested in the Balinese music and its social context and joined the course of Karawitan (traditional music) at Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Denpasar from the end of 1995 till early 1998. Since that, she wrote some articles about Balinese gamelan in rituals, gamelan players association, its social context, musical instruments and aesthetics, popular music and politics, and local media in Bali, etc.

Most recent researches are about performing arts in Singapore, and doing researches on several performing arts on the road and stages, its social political context, relationship between migration and the performing arts, musical associations, its global networks, creation for the sustainability of the city, etc. As a performer, Kaori Fushiki usually plays Balinese gamelan and its fusion in several groups based in Tokyo and Yokohama, Japan and plays percussions for the contemporary music scenes.



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