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Contributor’s profile: Yin C Chuang

Yin C Chuang.

Yin C Chuang has a PhD in Sociology from Lancaster University, U.K. and is an assistant professor at the Graduate Institute of Taiwan Culture, Languages and Literature at Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan.

Her research interests include Nationalism and National Identities, Democratisation, Everyday Practices and Popular Culture. She was a singer-songwriter, a radio presenter and also a consultant in music, design and television advertising for the former Taiwanese President, Chen Sui-Bian. She has published papers, short novels and music, including an academic book “A-Bian’s Extravaganza” and a music album “A Place Called Home.”

Yin C Chuang is on the editorial panels of the following journals: The Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences (in English), The Central American Journal of Asia Pacific Studies and Taiwan (in English) and Monumenta Taiwanica (in Mandarin).



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