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Contributor’s profile: Chen, Mei-ying

Chen, Mei-ying.

The author specialises in the field of multicultural education and bilingual education. Her most recent publications are: (1) Chen, Mei-ying 陳美瑩 (2009). Mengxian de shouhuzhe: Feiyimeiji xuetong de jiaoshi dianfan 夢想的守護者:非裔美籍學童的教師典範 (Dreamkeepers: Successful teachers for African American students). In Liu Meihui 劉美慧 (Ed.). Duoyuanwenhua jiaoyu mingzhu xuandu 多元文化教育名著選讀 (Selected readers of multicultural education). 台北:學富 Taipei: Xuefu Publisher, 151–178; (2) Chen, M. (2009). Roles of non-government organisations in cultural maintenance: A case study on a Chinese American community-based organisation. In Xia Chenghua 夏誠華 (Ed.). Xin shiji de haiwai huaren bianmao 新世紀的海外華人變貌 (The changing countenances of Chinese overseas). Center for Overseas Chinese Studies, Hsinchu, Taiwan: Hsuan Chuang University 玄奘大學海外華人研究中心,355–369. Currently she is working on the research “Vietnamese Culture in Taiwanese Context”.



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