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Contributor’s profile: Thomas Jandl

Thomas Jandl.

Thomas JANDL is a doctoral candidate and adjunct faculty member at American University in Washington. His research interests focus on the impact of globalization on government and governance in developing countries. At the moment, he works on the impact of foreign investment on decentralization, migration and fiscal allocation in Vietnam.

His recent publications include “Domestic Mobility and Elite Rent-Seeking: The Right to Migrate among Provinces and Vietnam’s Economic Success Story,” in State, Society and International Relations in Asia, edited by Mehdi Amineh, 25 pages. Kuala Lumpur: ICAS Book Series, Vol. 1, 2009; and “Malaysia and the Asian Financial Crisis: Rent Seeking and Economic Policy Choices in a Global Economy” in the Journal of Asiatic Studies 51, no. 4 (December 2008). He can be reached at thjandl@yahoo.com.



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