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Contributor’s profile: Sabbar S Sultan

Sabbar S Sultan.

Sabbar S Sultan is an Associate Professor at Al Isra University, Amman, Jordan with interests in literary theory and criticism, and fiction. He has published a number of articles dealing with aspects of literary theory such as “The Image of the Critic in Modern Fiction” (Yarmouk University, Jordan, 2005), “Silence and its Discontents” (Dirasat, University of Jordan, 2007), and “Criticism vs. Life: F. R. Leavis’s Example” (University of Petra, Jordan, 2007).

His translated works (dates in parentheses) into Arabic including William Righter’s Myth and Literature (1992), The Yale Symposium: The Situation of Criticism: From New Formalism to Structuralism (1990), and Peter Munz’s When The Golden Bough Breaks: Typology or Criticism (1986). E-mail: sultan_ssr@yahoo.com.



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