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Contributor’s profile: Takashi Kanatsu

Takashi Kanatsu.

Takashi Kanatsu (Ph.D., Columbia University 2002) is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, U.S. His specialization includes high technology industrial developments and the role of government in East Asia and Latin America, political economy of developing countries, inter-regional comparative study of East Asian and Latin American politics, and the relation between democratization and economic development.

He is the author of articles including “The Political Economy of Development in East Asia and Latin America” among others. His current research projects include “China’s High-Tech Industry Catch-up: Which Path to take?”, “Aircraft Industry Development: Implication of the Chinese Entry”, “Study of Japanese-Colombians: A Journey from Safety to Danger”, and “Collective Memory and its effects on the Process of Democracy: South Korea and Colombia.”

He is also currently writing a book where he compares various high-tech industrial development experiences in East Asia and Latin America to elucidate the linkage between politics, industrial organizations, and high-tech industrial development. E-mail: psctzk@hofstra.edu.



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